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Man has always dreamed of "The Ideal Society" where the individual enjoys its rights and fulfills its duties towards itself as well as others. A society where hunger, injustice and poverty do not exist

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Our mission is to be an added value to the society by providing pharmaceutical products and services of high quality which guarantee a better life for patients,


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Arax Pharmaceutical Industries ( Arax Pharma ) is a pharmaceutical company pursuing an ambitious strategy for driving business by providing a robust, futuristic platform in terms of technology and quality.

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Conference Title: “Towards Egypt Free from T.B”

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Acetylcystiene is amucolytic

    If you are interested to learn more about “Acetylcystiene “: N-Acetylcysteine: Multiple Clinical Applications learn more .. Download Now    Oxidative Stress and Respiratory System Pharmacolo learn more .. Download Now  

L-Arginine in oligospermia

If you are interested to learn more about “L-Arginine”:   Modern management of thin lining learn more .. Download Now      EFFECT OF ARGININE ON OLIGOSPERMIA learn more .. Download Now

Paracpimol 10mg
Paracetamol is antipyrtice & analgesic

 If you are interested to learn more about “Paracetamol”: Paracetamol is Antipyrtic & Analgesic learn more .. Download Now     

L-Carnitine in female fertility

If you are interested to learn more about “L-Carnitine”:   Role of L-carnitine in female infertility learn more .. Download Now      Adding L-carnitine to clomiphene resistant PCOS women improves the quality of ovulation and the pregnancy rate. A randomized clinical trial learn more .. Download Now

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we value our business partners and the important role they play in supporting our development and enabling us to offer targeted responses to customer needs.

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