About Us

Our History

Arax was founded in 2009 and based in Egypt by a group of professionals in the pharmaceutical field with experience in project management. our company is specialized in providing pharmaceutical products with high quality.

Arax Pharmaceutical Industries is a pharmaceutical company pursuing an ambitious strategy for driving business by providing a robust, futuristic platform in terms of technology and quality. On the marketing dimension, Arax is moving aggressively to establish physical presence in high volume, high growth markets. A sound business strategy is in place to convert this vision into a reality in the shortest time possible.

Our Mission

A profitable company specialized in manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products for a better social health contributing, physicians and pharmacists aid for helping people live a better work and life.

Our Values

Dignity: value and honor the human being.

Confidence: relay on solid ground of knowledge and experiences.

Transparency: secure a clear flow of information with our employee, the share holders, physicians and patients.

Collaboration: join forces of each employee and form alloys within the pharmaceutical community.